The Locked Away Life

A lonely soul is on the verge of giving up. 

Esther and Bruno have nothing in common, except that they are both in hiding, and their secrets are stopping them from truly living. Esther must come to terms with her past, and Bruno needs to figure out his future…

Can the kindness of a young stranger save her? 

A new heartwarming page turner from the bestselling author of THE SHAPE OF US.


“A great read… It’s a warm funny story in places but what I especially loved was who turned up and supported Wendy when she was at her most vulnerable. I definitely recommend reading this book…”

– Miriam (Goodreads) ★★★★★
Reviewing With or Without You

“What a fantastic book. It’s really is a hilarious and heart-warming page turner, but in particular I really loved the way the story flowed and also the warts-and-all honesty from Joy, the main character. I won’t drop any spoilers but a few surprises as it all unfolded! Loved it.”

– Alex (Amazon) ★★★★★
Reviewing Dear Lily


With or Without You

It could have happened to anyone. But it happened to my husband.

Wendy’s life can be neatly divided into two. After her husband’s car accident, and his coma, she is left to put together the pieces of their marriage. But should she feel guilty about living while his life is on pause? And when – if – he wakes up, will he still love the person she has become?

“I absolutely adore Drew Davies’ writing style. I really enjoyed the original perspectives in this book, showing insight into the challenges and love of an inter-racial marriage. There was a huge twist in the book which I could never have guessed.”

– Ceri Evans (Goodreads) ★★★★★


The Shape of Us

Not all love stories are heart-shaped

Four total strangers – whose paths cross in London – have one thing in common. They are all lonely souls looking for love. But what are the chances of them actually finding it?

“A gorgeous read!”

– Josie Silver, author of One Day in December

The Shape Of Us cover


Dear Lily

Sometimes new beginnings are the hardest goodbye…

In a series of hilarious and touching letters to her younger sister, Joy recounts the trials and tribulations of moving to Denmark and sorting out her life once and for all. Fun fact: a working title for this book was ‘Great Danes, Low Expectations’.

“A wonderful novel about life, learning, love and a type of ‘coming of age’. Loved the setting! Beautifully drawn characters, great depth, would highly recommend.”

– Readsalot (Amazon) ★★★★★

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