With or Without You

It could have happened to anyone. But it happened to my husband.

This poignant, moving and uplifting tale is for anyone who has taken life for granted, neglected to say ‘I love you’ to their loved ones, or forgotten to find happiness in the little things. Perfect for fans of Josie Silver, Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine and Jojo Moyes.


Wendy’s life can be neatly divided into two. After her husband’s car accident, and his coma, she is left to put together the pieces of their marriage. But should she feel guilty about living while his life is on pause? And when – if – he wakes up, will he still love the person she has become?

‘She opened her handbag, looking for something to read aloud, and found a packet of heartburn tablets.

“Indigestion relief,” she whispered quietly enough so she wouldn’t be overheard, “Peppermint flavour.”’


Mrs Dixit sat next to his bed. His face looked serene, albeit slightly gormless. His eyelid twitched and for a moment she imagined he’d open his eyes.

A new nurse arrived.
‘Have you spoken to him?’ she asked cheerily.
Mrs Dixit shook her head.
‘There’s not much to say,’ she explained.
‘I’m sure he’d like to hear it anyway.’ The nurse made a note
on his chart and left.
With a resigned sigh, Mrs Dixit looked around the room for
inspiration. She found none. She glanced at the doorway, where she knew Mrs Rampersad was sitting in the hallway, in earshot, calculating numbers. It added to the pressure.
She opened her handbag, looking for something to read aloud, and found a packet of heartburn tablets.
‘Indigestion relief,’ she whispered quietly enough so she
wouldn’t be overheard, ‘Peppermint flavour. Do not give to
children under twelve years…’

“I absolutely adore Drew Davies’ writing style. I really enjoyed the original perspectives in this book, showing insight into the challenges and love of an inter-racial marriage. There was a huge twist in the book which I could never have guessed.”

– Ceri Evans (Amazon) ★★★★★

A great read… A warm funny story.”

– Miriam (Amazon) ★★★★★

Author’s note

The working title for this book was ‘Mrs Dixit Wakes Up’.

It’s set in North East London (where I live) in a fictitious area called Chomley. There’s something really cool about East London, the blend of cultures, the no-nonsense approach to life (we’re not all fancy like those North and West Londoners). My grandmother was born in Bow, and so I have official cockney lineage.

With or Without You deals with isolation, loneliness, neighbours helping each other and the strange cycle of days repeating. I started it well before Covid-19 began, but it became more and more timely as things went on. 

This book is dedicated to my Nanna, who is possibly my biggest fan.

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